Inspire Me

There comes a time in our life, when we realise that something has to change. We need to change something, in order to make it all happen for us. In order for us to level up, progress, or reach a goal.

This is where Good Vibe Council comes in. We understand the journey you are on, and understand at times that it isn’t always clear what the next step is in order to progress. THIS IS NORMAL! That is what sets the extremely successful apart from everyone else. Despite having no idea what the next step, they persist, and forge a path. You can do it too. You just need to take one step at a time based on all the information you have in front of you.

So, below I have included some videos to help really give you that extra nudge along on your journey. These will change over time so if you are looking for inspiration, keep coming back for a fresh dose to give you the kick you need.

What you will find in these videos are common themes that really highlight the power of the mind, the power of servicing others, and how in order to progress, we need to really focus within to understand what makes us tick. We need to understand what our purpose is, we must commit to understanding ourselves better.

Once you start to understand what sets your soul alive, take the first step. Understand the Law of Attraction. Understand the power of failure and what it can do to drive you forward. Maintain focus on your dream through adversity.

Be intentional about how you execute your day. Open your mind to what life can offer you. We have a wealth of resources available to us to ensure we can push forward and reach our goals. Each big goal starts with a single step.

Mr Tony Robbins is one of the most amazing individuals on this planet. He has devoted his life to understanding the human mind and what the most successful people on Earth do to achieve their goals. If you haven’t dived in too much into his work, I suggest you do. Enjoy it!

Have you heard of the beautiful Alexi Panos? No? Ok well here is a clip to put some of the amazing things we enjoy in our lives into perspective. The technological advancements that were all once impossible, are now possible. Alexi covers this off really well.

Peace & Love.