About Us

Here at Good Vibe Council, we are just that, all about the good vibes that life brings each and every single day. We focus on the positive, we embrace life to its fullest, and live by the mantra that life doesn’t happen to us, but happens for us.


To build a tribe of thousands of positive change agents who have a passion for inspiring society to focus more on the positive aspects of life than the negative.

Our Purpose
This life truly is spectacular and more people ought to acknowledge how lucky we are, how amazing this life is, and that if you look at the simplest of things around you, you’ll see that life is pretty fucking amazing. Your life, you have one of these. One shot at doing, seeing, feeling, and experiencing all that is on offer. To be all you can be. That is our mission, our vision, and where we are going. We are here to inspire as many people as possible to think bigger than the minor trials and tribulations life chucks our way. We want EVERYONE to operate out of love and be fearless to pursue all that life has to offer. Chase those dreams! Focus on the positive, push yourself to your limits and let your optimism and passion light to up the place. There is one of you. It’d be a shame not to share your gifts with the World.  We aim to cultivate the below to deliver on our mission:

  • Turn darkness into light.
  • Choose happiness, it feels good.
  • Cultivate communities focused on good instead of evil.
  • Be vulnerable instead of being led by fear.
  • Smile more.
  • Travel broader.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Take risks.
  • Experience life to the fullest.
  • Be you in the grandest of fashions.

If you are reading this, you are alive, and you are breathing. You have taken the first step to a better life by being here with us. There is time to move forward and we are here. Join us and revolutionise you and those around you.