Let’s Talk About Work

There’s a message I sometimes share to friends and colleagues that I often get a lot of feedback on so I thought I’d share it.

It is about work. Your career. My career. What we choose as individuals to be.

Work is a place a lot of people spend more time at than home. The place where you get the opportunity to test your abilities that are solely yours and no one elses.

The question I ask people is this.

“If we spend so much time at work, why aren’t we all giving it the absolute best nudge possible to be the best we can be? Some are. But why aren’t more people?”

We get one shot at this. So why not try and be the best you can through your work?

Momentum is a powerful thing when you get into your groove.

If you reflect… Are you now? Trying your best. Giving it the best shot possible to see how far you can go? Are you doing something that lights you up and you’re passionate about?

If you’re not enjoying your job, why are you staying and are you taking steps to move towards a job that feels less like work and stimulates you?

We are all so lucky right now. Never has it been easier to try something new If you’re not happy.

If you simply feel like you’re in a bit of a rut… think about where you want to be. What will it create for you in you in your life if you actually pushed yourself and kept your eye on the prize?

Then ask yourself what you need to get there. What knowledge? What skills do you need to refine? What failure and successes do you need to endure to gain the required experience to enable an opportunity for you to put your hand up for?

If this resonates with you… awesome! What’s next?👌🤩

Mwah x
Peace & Love

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