All Them FEELS!

How amazing it is to FEEL. I’m not talking about touch. But on the inside. The raw emotion. The internal reaction of the body when life happens. It lets us know that we are human. Happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, joy, the nervous anticipation for something you care for so much about to unfold, the rush of adrenaline pumping when you are out of your comfort zone, the belonging feeling when you’re around people you love, or the feeling of connecting with someone on the back of a smile.

Each powerful in their own right.

After a lot of reflection, focus, and a push to understand me, I’ve also been observing as much as I can around me at the same.

What I’ve learned:

– The amazing things that happen in our lives and the goals that we achieve, we never truly appreciate these moments as much as we should. The high that comes from doing something you are proud of, attaining a goal that was so far out of reach at some stage, or doing something new that feels good, is indescribable. We don’t soak in these moments for long. We scurry off and then BAM, we are back into the chaos of life.

– We consistently give the negative moments that happen in our lives more time and energy than we should. We dwell, hold onto things, and struggle to forgive. We get consumed here and it takes energy away from all the other cool shit that life has to offer –》more of the positive stuff. We have our blinkers on. The opposite of rose coloured glasses. The result, we lose sight of the little amazing things that each and every day brings – like the feeling of appreciation when someone holds a door open for you.

I’m a positive guy. Always have been. It still doesn’t mean that I don’t get caught up like everyone else in some of the curve balls life slings around. I myself have struggled to forgive, and still do. Work in progress.

I’m pushing to be more aware. This process doesn’t stop.

– I’ve learned that everyone is running their own race. People need to be accountable for their own battles (with support). I always want to help anyone I can and often try to help too much. Taking on drama that isn’t my own. Before too long, I’m neck deep feeling as if the drama is my own.

The gift of personal accountability to tackle what’s ahead is powerful. It builds resilience and sets you up for the next hurdle. We can lean on those around us, but need to maintain ownership of the fight ahead.

Accountability is also putting the hand up and saying you need help. This also means knowing when the shoulder of a friend isn’t enough and you need to seek out a professional to help get you back on the horse.

– I’ve learned that as a society we give so much attention to the external cuts and bruises on the body of a human, but skim over the internal struggles.

We actually have a day called “R U OK Day?”. I love this concept, but shouldn’t we be doing this anyway each and every day? And yes I know it is to continue to raise the bar and awareness.

It is almost taboo to talk about negative feelings in our society which is a problem. I look around and it makes me happy that our society is holding more space for people to speak up about their struggle. It just shouldn’t shock people when people do.

– I see that there are alot of broken men out there. Men that feel that they have to fight every battle on their own, are too proud to ask for help, and get embarrassed for feeling hurt, sad or the fact that they struggling. You’re human just like the person next to you. It’s ok to FEEL and it’s ok to talk about it. You are enough and you are not alone.

You don’t need to share every little detail, but letting people know you’re in a rough patch will lift a weight off your shoulders instantly.

Speak up. I promise the look you get from the person you trust in telling won’t be one that points to anything associated with weakness, but rather incredible strength.

– I’ve learned that when your life changes in an instrumental way, you feel it all. Every wave of emotion. You also get to choose how you react. Ebs and flows, adjustment, uncomfortable situations, new situations, and a tonne of learning. How you respond to change is what makes or breaks you.

Get in touch with them feels.

Peace and Love.


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