Change Up Your View on Failure

Just because you didn’t hit the mark, doesn’t mean you failed. You made progress and gave something a try that you were striving for. There have been countless individuals who have all shown us that success is achieved through iterations. Through making steps towards a goal and learning what doesn’t work in order to eventually understand what does work.


Failure is a matter of perception. If you believe you are a failure, your mind will drive you towards negativity. If you flip your perception on its head and start being proud of the fact that you tried something that didn’t work and are wiser for the next attempt, different results could sit just behind the next iteration.


The ability for individuals to grow and learn a mindset forged on resilience and persistence is absolutely key in this life. Whether we like it or not, we won’t always hit the mark, we’ll make mistakes, our hearts will break, we will lose loved ones, and betrayal will walk into out lives at some stage or another. The ability to push forward through struggle and perceived ‘failure’ is a skill that we all must learn.


There are perceptions in society that portray the successful as being flawless individuals who never really F up in their life. This is a major misconception. These people will be the first to tell you that if you aren’t ‘failing’, you aren’t pushing hard enough. They encourage failure and to fail often.

You always pass failure on your way to success. – MICKEY ROONEY

I know for me that I’d much rather give something a crack than not try something at all. I ask you though, is it really a failure if you learn something new on your endeavours in pursuit of something you are striving for?


Peace & Love.



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