Travel Your Way to You

For me, when I am travelling I find more out about myself than any other time. Being in unexpected situations, experiencing new cultures, embracing new people, and exploring the unknown has unlocked so much inside of me and has given me a greater understanding of myself. This will no doubt sound wanky to some, and that’s ok, because we are talking about me. There will be others who resonate and understand how much can be unlocked when you are adventuring around the World.

My last travels into Central & South America gave me a huge appreciation for how backward we have it back home. What I mean by this is, we are so caught up day-in-day-out in the rat race, and for many, stopping and smelling the roses is never even a thought. The result, a big portion of our society being deeply unhappy and not truly living their life the way that they want to.

Seeing people on little Caribbean islands so happy with so little was the clincher for me. Minimal possessions, gorgeous back drop, not a great deal of technology overloading their lives, and embracing human connection on a level I hadn’t really witnessed before. The power of relationships for these people is experienced each and every day. It is truly beautiful to watch. Seeing this gave me the kick I needed to realign myself and prioritise different things in my life. It also inspired me to try and inspire others to move closer to happiness in their own lives back home. These people don’t take life too seriously, and always have a smile on their faces.

Travel often gives individuals the understanding they need of themselves. I am one of them, and that is why for the rest of my life, I will endeavour to see as much of the World as possible. I have visited 30 or so countries so far and have been out of Australia for approximately 12 months of my life. It isn’t enough.

Peace & Love.


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