Switch Up Your View on Possibility

The human brain is conditioned to assess our surroundings in such a way to allow us to survive. Scanning the possibilities for what could wrong in order to maintain our survival. The challenge with this mindset being adopted to everything we do nowadays is that we don’t live in the caveman era anymore. We have a roof over our head, have food/water at our disposal, and don’t have animals hunting us down in the wild per se’.

When our hopes and dreams come into question, for the most part, we lean more towards all the available possibilities of what could go wrong and we sit in that fear, What if we changed the way we look at things in such a way that we actually acknowledged the things that could right?  What are all of the amazing things that could go exceptionally well if we made the decision to move forward to try and achieve a hope and dream.

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you cannot begin to explore your possibilities.

Believing that positive possibilities are also on the horizon is a major step forward to achievement. The next step is breaking down the road to obtaining these possibilities through action. What steps will help get you there and how can you increment forward to reach your goal. Remember, your big goal is not completed in a single breath, it is achieved by consistent action through many little activities being crossed off a list.

Embrace the potential positive outcomes and take steps forward today.

Peace & Love.


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