Dream BIG Like a Kid

When we are young, there is no limitation on the dreams we foster that in our young minds are in no doubt achievable. I want to be an astronaut, I want to be the Prime Minister, I want to fly planes, I want… What soon happens though as life progresses, our dreams slowly dissipate and society conditions us to dream smaller. It is a sad reality of life and unfortunately, our dreams remain exactly that, distant wants that we feel are never achievable.

Fear is something that consumes most people at different times and it often occurs without us even realising. Our fear resonates in procrastination and excuses, a debilitating place to be for adults, meaning we tread water and never make a start. This has to end and people need to start believing in themselves and that there is more out there. The job we are currently in doesn’t have to be a forever job. The destinations we want to visit do no’t have to be a pipe dream. The goals we set to achieve in our hobbies can be achievable. The secret ingredient in all of this though is two-fold:

  • Decision – the decision to pursue something must be made. Be this travel, a new career, a new life in another country. Whatever it is, making the decision to take the plunge must be made, or else the alternative is the life you are currently leading.
  • Effort – where we want to go cannot and will not just pop into our lives out of thin air. We need to put in the effort to get there, apply ourselves, strive, grind, sacrifice, and hustle our way there. It may be hard, but creating the life you want does require action, and often struggle. Keep your eyes on the prize.

The limitations we set on ourselves do not have to be forever. There are an inordinate amount of people who have done extraordinary things because they made the call to do so, believed they could, and put in the effort to do so. Limits are barriers we impose on ourselves. Limits are uninspiring and nurture no-one.

If you need a kick to get yourself moving and to dream big like when you were young, take a look at the below inspirational individuals. You will find inspiration in people who have had self-doubt themselves but persisted anyway. You will find people who had societal barriers imposed but pushed forward for the greater good. You will find leaders who can teach you that through impossible odds, amazing things are achievable. Before following their heart and striving for bigger things, these people were just like you and I. They believed they had more to offer the World, faced adversity, and persisted anyway.

  • Kyle Maynard
    We all have goals and dreams but often make a tonne of excuses for why we can’t achieve something that we want. Fear takes over and 12 months later we haven’t even taken the first step. For so many, goals and dreams remain exactly that. Goals and dreams that never eventuate into reality. The result –> regret. A weight on the shoulders of what could have been but isn’t.

    Kyle Maynard is a gentleman who has no arms and no legs but has scaled some of the highest mountains in the World. 

  • Rosa Parks
    One of the first women of colour to not give her seat up on a bus for a white man after the white section of a bus started to fill up. She was arrested and this started a revolution in America. One person, but a major catalyst for change.

  • Turia Pitt
    Suffered burns to 65% of her body while running a marathon. Turia’s ability to show that pain and struggle can empower people to still achieve remarkable things is inspirational beyond measure. She is now a motivational speaker, has released books, is a humanitarian, and has since completed Iron Man events all over the World.

  • Nelson Mandela
    The first Black President of South Africa after being incarcerated for 27 years for being an activist for equal rights. Seen as one of the most inspirational leaders of all time. His pursuit of equality is one of the most powerful stories of all.

  • Jack Ma
    From a poor family, rejected from Harvard and various other educational institutions but persisted beyond measure to create one of the biggest empires in the World, Alibaba. His story shows that pushing forward through rejection, adversity, struggle, and pain can reap amazing rewards, He dared to dream.

  • Elon Musk
    A man with incredible vision to achieve what others believe to be achievable. His relentless pursuit for something bigger and inspiring others to dream bigger is greater than many others. He inspires people to follow their dreams and to pursue passions that make them want to wake up in the morning.

You will find with these incredible people that anything is possible. You will also find that the limitations you have imposed on yourself, in your head and own body, aren’t that bad after all. So I ask you this. What are you waiting for on taking your next step? What is it that is holding you back that you are going to let go of? Get acquainted with why you want to pursue your dreams and hold onto this thought tight. Adopt a limitless mindset and persist like you are invincible. You have everything you need now to go after the life you’ve always wanted. It may be a subtle change, a new job, a new career, to travel, to build a company, to take up a hobby you have been yearning for. Whatever it is, do it!

You don’t get a second shot at this life. The people above are perfect reference points for the mantra or persistence paying off. Define your mountain, make the decision to climb it, and push harder than you ever have before.

I believe in you.

You should too.

Peace & love.


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