Lead With a SMILE!

A smile costs nothing to manufacture. Each day, we have countless opportunities to lead with a smile. We pass people on the street, in corridors, in our apartment complexes, in office buildings, walking our pets, when we venture to the beach and in almost every other facet of life. A smile can make someones day, and it can also make your own.

When was the last time you experienced your own personal joy when receiving a smile when you weren’t expecting it? You flick a smile back, neither of you say a word, and you carry on about your day feeling warm and fuzzy. We all know the feeling, and it is powerful. Smiling shares a room with happiness, and happiness has been proven time and time again to have amazing life benefits on the individual.

A smile speaks every language.

Leading with a smile encourages positive encounters with others. Who doesn’t want that? More connected and genuine interactions that are rewarding! A truly beautiful thing that we can all enjoy. You are more likely to have a positive interaction and better outcomes by smiling than when you lead with a frown or a blank emotionless face. Smiling is associated with being friendly. Most of us would like to think we are friendly, but why is it that a smile is so difficult for many to produce consistently which portrays exactly that?

We have all felt that confrontive feeling when encountering someone who is agitated. It has nothing to do with you, but the negative energy is is almost forced on you for no apparent reason. The interaction is tense, you immediately are forced onto the back foot as a level of fight or flight awareness kicks in, and you carry on. The interaction is not ideal and it is remembered for all the wrong reasons and impacts you going forward. Here is where the challenge lies for you when this happens. Carry on about your day and make the next person you interact with smile. Get yourself back into the positive vibe zone.

When you smile, you portray a sense of well-being, acceptance, and make others feel welcome. We should all smile more often! It should all be our personal mission to smile as much as possible. Why? Because smiling is contagious, like yawning, AND IT FEELS GOOD!

If you take the time to observe people in day-to-day life, you’ll realise that not many people portray a sense of happiness. Sit on a park bench and you’ll see how caught up people are in their own head. If you start smiling at others though as they walk past, you’ll get a few in return. You may even get them to smile at a few more people along the way. Positivity breeds positivity and can have a domino like effect on your surroundings. We all know those people who light up the room the second they walk into it, They make us feel good. The vibe changes. You smile. You feel better then and there. Hence, the goal is THE smile.

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”.

I try to tackle each day in the hope to light up others peoples day. I realised long before I took on this mission of bringing more happiness to the World that I actually smile a lot. I have a high level of contentment in my life, even when times are tough. Like now. Recently broken up from my wife, issues with family, but positive most of the time. I don’t feel like I am dressed fully each day if I’m not wearing a smile. Sounds cheesey, and it kinda is, but I like it.

One reason why I have chosen the path to leading a happier life, is to try to help people through their own struggles. There is a lot of negativity in this World and we all need to do our bit to help keep the good vibes flowing. Suicide is on the rise and I have lost some friends in this tragic way. It is sad, it is hard, but it is also preventable. Striking up a conversation with someone on the back of a smile could be the thing that lights up their day. It could be the ray of light they were seeking and didn’t know they needed. That is a powerful tool right? A powerful tool that we all have in our possession to utilise.

So, when you wake up each day, after you’ve brushed your teeth and have that final look in the mirror before tackling your day, look at yourself and smile. That will be the smile you take forward the second you leave the front door. Share it with as many people as you can!

Peace & Love!


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