Feed Your Desire

Fall in love with the process of becoming great.

We all have to start somewhere on the road to achieving what we set out to do in life. Fulfillment begins in making progress and celebrating steps forward to your ultimate goal. Many often shy away from their dreams because of the work involved to get there. To this I ask, how bad do you want it? The reality is though, your big goal is often made up of many little goals along the way. If the way forward is looked at in this way, your goal may still feel far away, but chipping away at it, one component at a time, means you are edging closer with each little goal crossed off your list. Tackling each day with the intention to make progress and reminding yourself  constantly of where you are headed. The giant “why” of you taking the next step forward is so important. It could be financial freedom, wanting to create something where your passions and work intertwine, it could be wanting to give something a crack because you feel like you are capable, or it could be to makes others lives better. Understand the big giant “why” of what is spurring you forward.

Without goals, targets and dreams, we end up treading water in the day-to-day rat race of life. We end up spending all of our time fulfilling the goals of others or giant corporations. This is where many have life the wrong way around. Priority number one should be your goals. You may need to bide your time in the corporate game, but getting out and doing something on your own to feed your passions is where the real fun begins. It is pretty rare for people to be in careers where it doesn’t really feel like work at all. I envy people who have found that. Why is it that so many people are in jobs that they hate? We spend so much time working, shouldn’t we all be doing things that feed our soul? For me, I’d love a career that doesn’t feel like work at all. Helping others and bringing happiness to the World is what my ultimate goal is. I want to make peoples lives better and to use my positivity and enthusiasm to help others achieve their goals. I want to help people believe that they can be more.

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Feeding your desires all starts with taking action. The reality that many people face though, is that it is easier to keep doing what you are doing. Complacency is a silent killer and often goes unrecognised. The comfort zone you find yourself in and doing what you are doing now, will that get you to your hopes and dreams? If you think about it now, what are some things you can change today to align yourself more to your vision? As the quote points out above, the pull towards your goals must be greater than the comfort zone of your day to day life now.

There is an overwhelming sense of joy that is achieved when you align to your greater vision. Planning out the pathway to get to your goals and then slowly navigating through each item is a beautiful thing. Momentum kicks in and before you know it, there is no stopping you. There is no need for external validation as you are so certain on where you are going. When you are aligned in this way,it is easy to prioritise things out of your life. It becomes easier to say no to things that don’t line up with your goal, and when you make these empowering decisions, it reinforces that your eyes are on the prize.

In the busy lives that we all lead, when you pay attention to how you are spending your precious minutes each day, you realise how much time you could have, if spent elsewhere – like on your vision. Here are some steps to help get you in sync to help drive more action towards your goals:

  • Write Out Your Vision
    Take time to write out your vision and what you want to achieve. Be really specific on what it is you desire here. Also write down the core reasons why you want to achieve this goal. As mentioned above, the big why’s are what will spur you forward.
  • Review Your Goal Each Morning
    Start each day by reviewing your goal. Beginning the day with your big goal at front of mind, will ensure you start the day with the correct intention and will help you to make this an ongoing priority for you. A little reminder each day to keep you on task when you get time to focus.
  • Notice Your Time – Hunt it Down
    Each day, be more mindful of how you are spending your time. Each time you jump onto social media, each time you chill out on your phone on the lounge, when you get stuck in a YouTube vortex, when you are locked into a TV Series. Try and claw some of this time back to chip away at the next task on your to do list for your big goal.
  • Form a Habit of Taking Action
    Make a habit of spending time on your big goal each day. It could be as soon as you wake up, you spend an hour focusing on doing something that will get you closer. Protect this time. No action = no progress. Make this a priority.
  • Celebrate Progress
    Aligning to your vision is a big decision to make. Hence, achieving goals along the way should be celebrated. Tell someone, recognise the work, take enjoyment in crossing an item off your list. A pat on the back never hurt anybody. Celebrate progress and know a step forward is better than one back, or no step at all.

That’s it from me today.

I hope you got some value out of this post and it helps to drive you closer to where you need to be.

Peace and Love!


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