Feed Your Soul With Travel

Travel is a beautiful, eye opening, amazing adventure to new and unique places. The people you meet, the sites you see, and the culture you experience open up your eyes to the World. This adventure I am on in my life feels so much richer now that I have been to places where people are so happy with so little. It was an eye opener, provided me with much needed perspective, and opened up my heart more than it has ever been opened before.

I have ventured to near 30 countries so far in my escapades around the World and have stepped foot on 5 of 7 continents with the exceptions of Africa and Antarctica. I have ventured to tiny villages off the beaten track that don’t see many tourists, I have learnt Spanish, I have eaten countless amounts of street food to get amongst the local cuisines, I have dived right into how different people live their lives and what they appreciate through their lens on life.

Travel is an enlightening experience. One can never see too many sunsets when experiencing it in a new place. It is hard not to enjoy the vibe of a party when listening to the local music blaring and then dancing with the locals.

Feed your soul and see as much of the World as you can. Once you start seeing new places, you won’t want to stop.

Peace & Love.


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