Attitude is Everything

The way in which you show up to life is so important. We all encounter hurdles, we all go through our own share of suffering, we all get a few bumps and bruises along this winding path. What we don’t all do though is show up with the intention to push forward and thrive regardless of life’s hurdles. What I am talking about here is attitude. Attitude is so important for a variety of reasons but let’s start with the fundamentals. We all have the choice whether to show up with an internal mindset of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or on the flip side drowning in a pity-party of self-defeat. Now, I can tell you I have lived and breathed through both and I can tell you which attitude and mindset produced better results for me.

2017 was a defining year for me and it was one of the biggest eye openers for me in terms of how I showed up to my life. The year was essentially split into two. The first 6 months were tough! Lots of drama and issues with my family and I literally invited everyone I could to hear about the chaos and drama that was consuming my life. In this time I lost my shine and couldn’t get out of a negative mindset. I was still super positive (I am most of the time, it is how I am conditioned), but I lost that little bit of a spark through the drama. I was playing the victim and my attitude changed. It impacted every conversation I had, it impacted my results at work, and also changed my view on the World. My lens on life was a little darker. For those who know me who are reading this, they’ll be flabbergasted to read this.

The second half of the year though was filled with travel through Central and South America but also saw my partner and I break up upon return to Australia. A huge event in my life but after reflecting a lot on our travels about how I showed up in the first half of the year, I told myself I wasn’t going to bring that negativity into my life to ultimately change my mindset. It was too draining to go through again. It didn’t mean I wasn’t hurting, it meant that I was going to tackle the challenges in front of me with a different approach. The results for me since have been staggering. I have showed up to my life with so much intention, purpose and drive that my positive attitude is oozing out of me and people are noticing. Not every day has been easy, but every day has been predominately positive.

So, now that we have established that I can talk from both perspectives, I want to explain the fact that we all have a choice on how we respond to events that take place in our lives. Whilst we may be conditioned to react in certain ways from a young age, you can change the way you show up and it starts with taking control of your life and filtering out the things that don’t contribute positively to your mindset.

Awareness of How You are Feeling.

Continually take stock of how you are feeling. Reflect, write down your thoughts and acknowledge what thoughts are filling your brain. Are you reflecting on the past often and consistently looking in the rear view mirror? Are you hurting from a past experience? Write it down? Release it.

Do you watch the news often? Have you ever realised that for the most part, the news is filled with all the negative things that are happening in the World. The news is chockers with all of the worries and hurt happening. Are you open to not watching the news? You may say, “but I need to be informed”. The reality is, you can’t change or influence much of the big issues taking place in the World.

Now, I’m not saying to eradicate all absorbing of what is happening in the World. I am saying, be mindful of what you are consuming. Take stock of how you feel before and after watching the news.

What we feed our brain day in and day out has a major impact on your overall mindset. Consistent negativity from news outlets who are charged with sharing atrocities and chaos everywhere may not be serving you. See how you go be reducing how much time you spend consuming the media via TV or newspapers. You may be pleasantly surprised about how you feel and the nature of the conversations you have each day.

Procrastination – Eliminate As Much As You Can

Time wasting is a silent killer that impacts your attitude. We are surrounded by so much distraction which takes us away from doing the things that are going to nourish our soul.

Take stock of how much time you are wasting sitting in front of the TV and engulfed in social media on your phone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much time is spent here. A crazy stat from Zephoria, 50% of people between 18 – 24 view Facebook as soon as they wake up. This is huge. The site also reports that each visit to Facebook is on average 20 minutes.

Be mindful about the amount of time you are spending on the likes of Facebook and watching TV.

As humans in this day and age, we never really stop and just be. By this I mean, we can never be alone in peace and quiet, alone with our thoughts and how we are feeling. Make this a habit and get in touch with who you are instead of filling your mind with everything external to you. Reflect on this and what you find out about yourself. It has helped me immensely.

Fill Your Brain With Positive Material

Now, positive material here doesn’t mean only positive material online, but includes information that will contribute to growth, investing more time in genuine face-to-face connection, doing things that you love away from technology. Hobbies, time with friends, learning. Things that will nourish you and grow you.

If you are choosing to stay connected but will take steps to avoid news and social media in a more mindful way, take charge of what you are consuming. This could be as simple as watching an educational video on YouTube, learning something new via an online course (so many are now free from providers like Udemy), or simply taking steps towards writing your own content to share with the World. The power of absorbing material that is helping you to grow is the feeling of progress which contributes to leading a happier life and improving how you show up in your life.

The reality is with technology taking over our lives, we are lacking genuine relationships. This contributes to higher levels of anxiety and depression as we aren’t fostering meaningful friendships and connection. With the above, this can create a major shift in your life as you won’t be wasting as much time on things that are not benefiting you. You will quickly cancel out a lot of the negativity that programmes your brain without you realising. This has a major impact on overcoming negativity that enters your life and will be pivotal in developing a positive attitude.

Peace & Love.


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