Locked Out & Grateful

My road to becoming intentional in how I respond to life hit me like a tonne of bricks earlier this year in 2018. The focus on driving myself to a higher state of being, becoming more mindful, and my new way forward became so clear that I was on the right path when a single event took place in my life. You’ll see below in the videos but I realised that my mindset had truly shifted away from where I was previously.

It was January 3, I got locked out of my apartment at 6am after getting up early, meditating, journalling and then hitting the gym, I returned home to find that I couldn’t get in. Previously I most likely would have blown a gasket but on this occasion, I embraced what happened in a positive light instead of negative. I had a few conversations with my elderly neighbours who are normally up and about nice and early and what unfolded was beautiful.

Les my neighbour brought out a giant glass of orange juice for me to have while I was stranded outside and the level of appreciation I felt was enormous. I couldn’t thank him enough.

I waited until 9AM when I was finally able to speak to the real estate agent who advised I for my type of lock which was flat, I would require a battery to charge the lock up again from the outside in order for me to chuck in my pin code to get in. Realising I had no money on me, my wallet was inside, I had to walk downstairs to ask my neighbours for some cash to go and buy a lock. Les, obliged and opened up his wallet and gave me his last $20. I couldn’t believe it. He actually said he had nothing left after that.

I trudged up to the shops to get myself a battery in complete disbelief at the kindness I had experienced that morning so far and returned to get into my apartment without a drama. I proceeded to back downstairs to give Les $40 and to say thank you but he would only accept the $20.

The whole experience truly warmed my heart and I couldn’t help but write about it after it all occurred. A poem is what ensued.

Locked Out & Grateful

Trapped outside but not in my mind.
The front door is locked as the sun starts to shine.
Wise old neighbours, always good for a yarn.
Joyous conversation, pure gentleman they are.
I take my seat on a step all comfy and snug.
Over waltzes Les, holding juice and a jug.
My face lights up, smile ear to ear.
I replied with gratitude but poor Les can’t hear.
The conversation continues as the birds start to cheep.
In the past my frustration, may have started to creep.
Two hours had passed, all I could do was laugh.
As a gorgeous cockatoo, looks down at me from above.
The phone starts to ring, good news on the way.
The call I had been waiting for, for near 3 hours today.
A plan now in place, to get me inside.
All I needed was money, I had to swallow my pride.
I knocked on the doors of the neighbours downstairs.
I told them I had no money, I may need some of theirs.
Good old Les, not a care, handed over a 20.
It was the last that he had, a beautiful thing he would lend me.
Off to the store, with one goal on my mind.
Some batteries for the door, all I needed to find.
My face filled with joy, on this day to remember.
So much gratitude lit inside, like a warm ember.
I return to my home, and attempt to get in.
The door makes a beep, all I can do is grin.
I visit good old Les to pay up my dues.
I knock on the door once again to show my gratitude.
The remainder of the day, all I could do was smile.
For the day was about learning, on how I’d walk my next mile.
Les and Bernard, weren’t aware of the lessons they had taught.
On having an open heart and mind, while being willing to support.
– Dan Marsh
So, my learning from these moments that unfolded truly opened my eyes to how we have the power to control how we react to situations. We can opt to drown ourselves in negativity, or we can choose to maintain a more optimistic lens and reap the rewards that follow. I was proud of the shift I experienced in myself and it was a truly humbling experience from start to finish.
Over and out.
Peace and Love.

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