Increase Your Happy

In our lives, there are a plethora of things that we have in our direct control that can contribute to our overall happiness. The good thing is, with a few simple changes if you are out of alignment on some of these facets, your quality of life can improve.

So, here we go. A list of contributing things that can boost your happiness:

  1. Exercise / Physical Activity
    Making time to exercise if a quick and easy way to improve the overall happiness you experience in your life. Not only does it reduce the levels of cortisol in your body which is a hormone that is encountered when your body is under stress, exercise also contributes to improved immune system health. Studies show that, by exercising regularly, your body produces more serotonin which is responsible for mood balance. Therefore, more serotonin contributes to greater balance of your moods leading to being happier overall. As highlighted on Happify, German researches witnessed a 15% improvement in moods when individuals listened to motivating music that they enjoyed.
  2. Meditation
    Meditation is an activity that is utilised to clear the mind but also maintaining a level of thoughtful awareness. When practiced properly, meditation can reduce stress in the body. Meditation helps one to focus on the present moment as opposed to being led into the past or future. A great app to help you along on your meditation journey is Headspace.

  3. Eating Healthily
    It is no surprise that nutrition plays a huge role in how our body operates. From mental focus through to gut health to energy, our bodies are our temples. Eating whole nutritious foods is a surefire way to ensure we steer away from depressive states that can be onset from unhealthy foods that bring about altered states due to excessive carbohydrates and sugar intake. Eating quality healthy foods is a quick an easy way to improve your overall sense of contentment and positivity.
  4. Be Grateful
    Practicing gratitude is a mindfulness technique that helps us to appreciate all that we have in our lives. The way to go about this task can be as simple as writing down things that you are grateful for each morning or before bed each night. According to a study in The Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, grateful people tend to have more appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, defined as “those pleasures in life that are available to most people,”. Being thankful for your vision, hearing, two arms, two legs, your family, the sun on your skin, the feeling of the rain on your skin. You get the drift. What do you have that you can appreciate now?
  5. Practice Positivity
    Practicing positivity is about maintaining a mindset that does not focus on the negative aspects of life. It is something that we can control if we are mindful of our thoughts and where we are directing our energy. This flows down into the words we use in our sentences, our ability to engage in conversation in a productive and happy way, and even down to how we carry ourselves when walking down the street. It could mean simply smiling at a stranger. The positive way in which we communicate directly impacts our happiness. So, be mindful of your actions and your words, it will help deliver more glee and happiness to your life.
  6. Surround Yourself With Positive People
    The power of positivity is a beautiful thing. Just by being around people who believe in themselves, are content with their lives, and exude a level of positivity and happiness, spreads to those around. The happiness becomes contagious. For this simple fact, this is why organisations now are spending so much effort on driving a positive culture and work environment. Happy employees, more productivity and more profit. Surrounding yourself with positive people is an easy way to smile more. Try it!
  7. Making Yourself a Priority
    In order to give the best of yourself to others, making sure you are in the best frame of mind, healthy, and happy is the biggest priority we should all hold first. If you feel good about yourself, you then radiate that inner peace and contentment to the World which attracts more positive to your life by yourself being in a happy state.

Peace & Love.


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